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The Arcadia Asylum Asset Archive is a project of New Media Arts, Inc., a nonprofit foundation, tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3).
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Arcadia Asylum was a creator in Second Life who made many Wonderful items and gave them away to the community for free. Years later many of us in Second Life and OpenSim continue to enjoy her creations. You can still learn lessons in 3D modeling, UV mapping and texture mapping by taking these items apart!
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We have created an OpenSim grid to try and make a permanent archive of all Arcadia's creations we can find. Everything in this grid will be available to use for free. We also plan to have texture libraries and OARs to download. Arcadia generously gave all her creations away and refused to let anyone charge for them.

In her own words (with her own spelling errors):
That sed, you may distribute in any way you like, you may use the things anywhere and even blow them to bits if thats your thing. I only don't want the stuff sold.
As FREEBIES theres no warentees or product suport.
Thats it, KIS (Keep It Simple) :D

Arcadia Asylum was known under several other different names,
We are compiling a list of them here.

And here is a list of literary, TV, Film and Game references that inspired Arcadia and her builds.

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The grid URL is ArcadiaAsylum.org:8002 and it is up! HG visitors welcome! But we're still uploading content.

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